The Tiger Trail Festival was founded in 1995 by Blanche Ely Class of 1970, and for 15 years provided an annual event whose mission was to promote family, fun and community pride. Originally founded as a community-based, volunteer-run, series of events created to celebrate importance of Black History month, today, in the spirit of inclusion the festival themed “Agents of Change” will celebrate the contributions made by Pompano Beach's Black and White Citizens that have contributed to building the City of Pompano Beach through services and economic empowerment.

Tiger Trail Committee
Honorary Members

Edward Phillips - Chairperson

Arthur Cotton -Vice Chair

Ric Green - Vice Chair

Gregory Mitchell - Treasurer

Ira Blue - Assistant Treasurer

Diane Sanford - BEH Class of 70' Alumni

State Senator Perry Thurston

State Representative Patricia Williams

Broward County Commissioner Mark Bogan District 2

Broward County Commissioner Dale VC Holness District 9

Broward County Commissioner  Lamar Fisher District 4

Pompano Beach Commissioner Barry Moss District 5

Pompano Beach Commissioner - Rhonda Eaton Dist 2

Pompano Beach Commissioner - Tom McMahon

Charlotte Burrie - Former Vice Mayor Pompano Beach

RMA - Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown

Dr. Lowell Atkins MD

Frank Furman Insurance - Dirk DeJong

Tom DiGiorgio

AllTech Construction - G.H. Usman

Structural Engineer - Carl Forbes

Dan Hobby

Blanche Ely High - Dr. Karlton Johnson

Keith & Associates - Dodie Keith

Westside Paint & Body - Derriek Phillips

L.C. Poitier Funeral Home - Woodrow Poitier


Joe Ballard             Willie Cameron            Gladys Cameron

Alice Chattman      Cherolyn Davis             Norman Edwards

Velma Flowers        Desi Frazier                   Elzie Fuller

Idella Grissett         Clyde Harris                  Tracy Himphill

Marie A. Manuel     Jimmie Lane                 David Miller

Tom McMahon       Betty Lawson                 Eric McLamore

Mike Obel               Elizabeth Phillips          Peggy Carter

Roderick Phillips     Willie C. Ponder           Shelton Pooler

Whitney Rawls         Melvin Samuels            Corey Thompson

Jody Leshinsky        Lee Waldo                     Marvin Stokes

Mark Beaudreau     Dawn Richards              Rev John Mohorn

Rebecca Johnson   Phyllis Saxon                 Derry Shapherd

Sylas Brown             Sky Maduro                   Octavia Glover

Rosetta Green         Willie Green                  Donna Noird

Elizabeth Massey    Ernestine Price              Shelton Pooler

NyEricka Panhm      Myss Jean-Louis           Nelta Oscar

Mary Scofield-Phillips                             Sharon Stone-Walker

Marie Goodrum-Johnson                       Kelly Ann Maguire                                              

Sponsors 2018

City of Pompano Beach

CarePlus Health Plans

Landmark Development

Broward Sheriff's Office

Community Redevelopment Agency

Waste Management

PNC Bank

Eunice Cason Harvey Family

John Knox Village

Dr. Lowell Adkins MD

The Law Offices of Jason A. Beitch, P.A.

Keith & Associates Inc

Frank H. Furman Insurance

Redevelopment Management Associates

Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce


Law Offices of Teresa Williams

Johnston & Metevia, P.A. Attorneys at Law

The Pelican

Oasis of Hope CDC

Housing Authority of Pompano Beach

Saving Our Youth

Tiger Trail Committee Chairs

Joyce Jackson - Gala

Felton Phillips - 5K Run

Cyndy Floyd - Gospel

Tracy Himphill - TrailBlazers

Elizabeth Phillips - Entertainment

Tiger Trail Founders Ely Class of 70